A selection of podcasts I've been on.
Free SDK generation for open source software with Jim Bennett | nickytonline

Impact DevRel Podcast Ep 2: Jim Bennett | Value of DevRel from Big Tech (Microsoft) to Startups

Join Joshua Poddoku and Jim Bennett as they unravel the expectations, goals, and business value of Developer Relations across various businesses.

Coffee and Open Source Conversation - Jim Bennett

Jim talks dev rel, career history and more wih Isaac Levin

DevRel show Episode 7 - Jim Bennett from liblab

Join Fred, and his guest Jim Bennett, Principal Developer Advocate at liblab, while they discuss all things developer relations, and learn more about converting APIs into SDKs in multiple languages easily.

JonnyChipz - In Conversation with Jim Bennett

Join John Lunn aka Jonnychipz as he is joined by Microsoft Regional Cloud Advocate Jim Bennett.

8 bits with PJ and Brandon - with Jim Bennett

We chat with Jim Bennett, Developer Advocate at Microsoft, about tech, life, and anything in between.