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Previous conference sessions

Edge Impulse Imagine

What’s new with Azure IoT to get you building solutions faster

We all know IoT is hard! So many different tools to use with different boards, so many ways to build out the cloud side of the solution. This is why the IoT teams at Microsoft have been working hard to simplify this process and allow you to go from unboxing an IoT board to a fully working IoT application in as little time as possible.



How thanking people can lead to a better culture

This lightning talk investigates thanks through a case study of a company in New Zealand that decided to take thanks from a biweekly meeting held by one team, to a company wide culture change that led to a happier workplace for everyone.

Build cross-platform mobile apps using Fabulous

This session will start with an overview of MVU, discussing how it works and why it is such a great architecture. It will then move on to building your first Fabulous app that runs on iOS and Android.


YES All digital 2021

Introduction to IoT using Azure IoT services

Yearly Edu Summit 2021. Introduction to IoT using Azure IoT services


Microsoft Build 2020

Recognizing speech with a few lines of Python

In this session we unlock the power of AI to convert the spoken work to text in only a few lines of Python code. Create live captions, dictate messages with your voice, and amaze your friends!


Microsoft Build 2019

Prototyping an internet connected smart home device with Azure IoT hub

In this session we look at how to create a prototype interconnected fan unit using an IoT prototyping board. This board will connect to Azure to upload sensor data, and connect to a fan turning it on if the temperature is above a threshold.


Microsoft Build 2018

All Things Mobile

In this video, Christina and Jim interview Miguel de Icaza, Simina Pasat and Thomas Dohmke about all things mobile.


Xamarin Evolve 2016

Clicking on the Real World with iBeacon and Eddystone

In this session, Jim will take you through a quick overview of beacon technology, including Apple's iBeacons and Google's Eddystone, before diving into some code. We'll even build a simple app live on stage to demonstrate how you can detect and wake up beacons, as well as detect user proximity to beacons.