The Jim and Tonic show

Jim Bennett | May 2, 2018

Since starting at Microsoft as a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate I’ve been hugely privileged surrounded on a daily basis by some of the most awesome people across a wide range of developer communities - the rest of the Cloud Developer Advocacy team. These are engineers who constantly work to make the world amazing for developers across a wide range of technologies and disciplines.

To help me get to know the rest of the team, I’ve decided to record a podcast. This is a regular show where I chat to different members of the team to get to know who they are, how they got to where they are now, and just talk about whatever geeky stuff excites them.

It’s called the Jim and Tonic Show.

You can find it at

Jim and tonic show logo

Currently two episodes are published:

Asim Hussain

Cecil Phillip

You can also subscribe on iTunes.