Jim Bennett | Jun 16, 2014

As you’ve probably seen from my other posts, I’m developing iOS apps using Visual Studio on Windows as my development environment, and a MacBook Pro for running the actual builds. This is a pain when I want to test. As good as Ripple is, it’s not as good as the actual iOS simulator. It’s a pain jumping from one computer to the other.

Thats where Synergy comes in. It’s a small app you install on all your computers and it allows you to use your mouse/keyboard on them all. So for my setup I have my surface as my left most screen, a 24" cinema display as my center screen connected to the Surface, and my MacBook Pro as my right hand screen. I move my mouse across to the right and it appears on the Mac, so I can use all the Mac apps without changin keyboard or mouse. Very useful. It’s free as well, but they do ask for donations, so you can try it out and once you realise just how awesome it is you can donate as much as you think it’s worth (they suggest $10).