MvvmCross extension for Visual Studio 2017

Jim Bennett | Jan 20, 2017
Update - it’s now on the marketplace!

Link here:

The awesome team at Microsoft have got it all working, so I’ve managed to upload the VS2017 version to the marketplace. You can now download it from Extensions and Updates.

Thanks to everyone on the VS extensions team who helped make it all work!

Visual Studio 2017 is now available as a release candidate, so I thought it was time to update my MvvmCross extension to support it.

The update was really, really easy - and is well documented by the VS team. Unfortunately there is a bug in the marketplace, so although the upgraded extension works, I can’t upload it. Microsoft are aware of this issue and are working to fix it, so once they done so I’ll make the update available through the Extensions and Updates menu item.

For now though you can download the VSIX from my GitHub page and manually install it.