More upcoming talks

Jim Bennett | Sep 17, 2016

Ive got a couple of talks coming up around Auckland next week:

Xamarin 102 - a slightly deeper dive - North Shore .Net user group

It’s hard to be a .Net developer and not have heard of Xamarin. It’s now part of Microsoft’s ‘Any developer, any platform’ strategy, and allows you to write C# code that runs on iOS and Android.

In this talk we will briefly introduce Xamarin, then dive right into some code building a cross platform app that loads data from a REST service and shows it on screen - the kind of thing a real world app would want to do. We’ll see how much code can be shared between the iOS and Android app and how much has to be platform specific, look at what design patterns can help to increase the amount of code sharing, and briefly look at Xamarin.Forms as a way of targeting 99% code reuse.

By the time we’re done you should be able to dive right into Xamarin using the free community versions of Visual Studio on Windows or Xamarin Studio on Mac and be ready to play with building your first app!

Details here:

UI Testing in the real world - Auckland Xamarin Meetup

Testing your mobile apps manually is time consuming and error prone. It’s much better to be able to create automation tests that can reliably, reproducibly and repeatably test your apps.

With Xamarin UITest you can write automation tests in C# that you can run against your apps on simulators or local devices. With Xamarin Test Cloud you can run these tests across thousands of devices in the cloud.

In this talk Jim will give an overview of UITest, show how you can use it to interact with your apps, show how the REPL gives you a way to interact with your app live inside a console.

After this Andrew will pick up the baton and talk about his experiences running these tests in the real world, discussing how to achieve the perfect balance between speed, reliability and ensuring your tests achieve their goal of proving your app works in the hands of actual users.

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