I'm on iTunes again!

Jim Bennett | Jan 29, 2015

This time for an app, not for a podcast. One of my iTunes apps is finally complete and is now approved and up on iTunes:

Second screen for Plex

If you use Plex as your media server/player then you’ll love this app - it connects to your server and shows you what’s currently playing including the cast and an IMDB link. It saves the hassle of searching IMDB to find out who that actor is or where else you’ve seen that actress. It also allows you to keep tabs on what other people are watching from your server, and it works over the internet (assuming your server is shared via MyPlex) so you can check up to see if the kids are watching cartoons when they should be doing homework.

It’s available for a snip at 79p/99c - less than the price of an extra shot in that expensive coffee you just bought at Starbucks, it’s a no brainer price to make your life so much easier.

App splash