Getting an internship at Microsoft

Jim Bennett | Oct 17, 2019

Come as you are, do what you love

I’ve been asked a few times for thoughts and tips around getting an internship at Microsoft. So in the spirit of “I didn’t have time to reply to you so I wrote this blog post”, I thought I’d provide a stack of resources useful to folks wanting to know more about the process.


Interested in an internship here at Microsoft? The first port of call is the University internship Careers site. This is the US site, and we have similar sites globally so if you are looking outside the US then head to and search for international internship opportunities.

This site has a wealth of information around the program, as well as a link to apply. Get those applications in now!

The interview process

This is a question I often get asked - what is the interview process? It varies depending on the type of role, and I’m not a recruiter so I can’t talk officially on the topic, but there are some great posts from former interns that might help shed some light on it.

Note that these are third party posts and have not been checked for accuracy or correctness. The content may be out of date.

Diary of an Ex-Microsoft Intern on Fast Company by Will Lawrence

How I got an internship at Microsoft — interview process and learnings by Aditi Khazanchi

microsoft-internships open document on GitHub by Courtney Thurston

How I made into Microsoft: The Off-campus way by Ronak Sakhuja focusing on the India intern recruitment process.

The main thing is to come as you are and do what you love - out mantra for recruiting. Let your passions shine through, talk about the projects you are most proud of, the work you do outside the classroom, hacks you attend. Be aware of Microsoft and its culture. And most importantly, be yourself.

Life as an intern

You’ve made it through the interview and have an internship. So what’s it like here?

Sneak Peak into the Life of a Microsoft Intern by Jacob Shiohira

12 Weeks at the Microsoft Garage by Dominic Whyte

It’s all happening here

Yes - it’s true, it is all happening here. Don’t believe me, then see what the last set of interns did in their spare time:

Let me know your experiences

I’d love to know your experiences - please add a comment with any links to posts you have written about your time as a Microsoft intern, or your thoughts or experiences.