FauxGhost - a clean, responsive Ghost theme

Jim Bennett | Sep 13, 2014

This blog, like many others coming out recently, uses the Ghost blogging platform. This is a really nice, simple blogging platform with cheap hosting, built by some super smart people.

The theme support for Ghost is excellent with loads of good themes available (some for money, some open source), and really great documentation on how to create your own theme. Admitedly their marketplace leaves a lot to be desired but it’s early days for the platform so I’m sure this will improve. The default theme Casper is quite nice, but there are better ones. I started off using Ghostion, but since the initial release, no more maintence has been done on it. It also had a few bugs which I needed to fix as well as neededing changes in a few places to add the tweaks I needed, such as links to my twitter feed. Eventually I decided to overhaul it properly and come up with a new theme based off Ghostion.

And so Faux Ghost was born.

Faux Ghost

Grab it from MooMoo.io. Comments, criticisims, PRs etc. all appreciated.