Come hear me talk about iBeacons at MS Ignite NZ

Jim Bennett | Sep 17, 2016

I’ll be at Microsoft Ignite New Zealand this year talking about iBeacons, and show how to use them from a Xamarin app. This session will introduce iBeacons and discuss how to use them to build context aware applications, and what types of problems those applications can solve. It will look at how you can notify an app when you are near an iBeacon and how you can use them to track indoor location. It will also discuss the downsides, such as security concerns and problems around beacon deployments. As well as discussing the concepts it will also contain a live coding Xamarin demo showing just how easy it is to beacon-enable your apps, with live demos of notifications and indoor location tracking.

MS Ignite runs from 25-28 October at the SkyCity convention centre in Auckland, New Zealand.

Update - the video of this talk is now on Channel 9: