Be quick - 50% off Xamarin In Action for one week

Jim Bennett | Feb 24, 2017

The MEAP of my book, Xamarin In Action, has just been updated to include a new chapter covering building cross-platform view models. This chapter talks about how you can use view models to increase the amount of cross-platform, unit testable code in your Xamarin app by moving UI logic away from the platform specific layers down into your cross-platform code.

To celebrate you can get 50% off my book for one week only. Head to and use the code mlbennett.

Not sure if this is the book for you? Well if you are building or plan to build Xamarin apps then yes, this is the book for you. Rather than being a dry reference book that replicates what is in the on-line docs, this instead teaches you how to build and ship production quality Xamarin apps from idea to the store. I teaches MVVM as a way to ramp up the amount of cross-platform code in your app - after all large amounts of code sharing is the killer feature of Xamarin!

This book is still being written, so if you buy it now you get the first 8 chapters, with new chapters as they are being written, and you can get involved with making the book better by giving feedback and suggesting improvements.

You can download the first chapter for free from here. You can also read an excerpt all about MVVM on DZONE, Medium or my own blog (whichever is your preference).

The current table of contents is:

Part 1 - Getting started with native cross-platform apps

1 Introducing native cross-platform applications with Xamarin 2 Hello MVVM 3 MVVM – a deeper dive 4 Hello MVVM – a deeper dive 5 What are we (a)waiting for? - An introduction to multithreaded code

Part 2 - From blank solution to an empty, working app

6 Designing MVVM cross-platform apps 7 Building cross-platform models 8 Building cross-platform view models 9 Building platform specific views - Android 10 Building platform specific views - iOS 11 Running the app

Part 3 - From a working app to a production ready app

12 Testing the app using UITest 13 Instrumentation and monitoring 14 Deploying the app


A1 What are design patterns anyway? A2 Using someone else’s code A3 UI flows and threads for SquareRt and Countr